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The platform will include a large database with information on population, locations, schools, office buildings, economy facts etc.
The database will contain GIS related information. GIS maps will be designed to display information about agriculture, protected areas, available infrastructure and business infrastructure.
The platform also includes software for data modeling in order to create reliable overviews on matters of interest for potential investors, the different possibilities and different business scenarios.

The portal will be a free web tool accessible anywhere in the world, available for Romanian and foreign tourists who want to spend a holiday in The Western Region, but also for weekend tourists that are relatively close by. The portal will allow the creation of custom routes – Trip planners, but there will also be pre-designed/planned tours and thematic trails.

Timisoara – The European Capital of Culture Association undertakes the mission to actively contribute to the creation, support and advertise a dynamic space, diverse and inclusive based on multicultural educational, historical and civic community values, that cherishes identity, diversity, creativity and the cultural avant-garde of Timisoara as engines for the development of a sustainable /long-lasting community.

Hidden in the heart of the Western Carpathians, the village of Gărâna became, over the decades, a true international artist colony. Garana is the host for the 19th consecutive year, of the only open-air international jazz festival in Eastern Europe, a sort of a contemporary Woodstock. One of the most significant jazz music events, with an audience of thousands of jazz lovers that travel each summer to Garana, ignoring the frequent rain or chilly nights.

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