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Networking Evening

Friday evening brought together many members of The Economical Advisory Council of Timisoara, for a networking session in a relaxing atmosphere with soft drinks and fine food served by a talented Chef in a unique setting – hosted by the French Cultural Institute.

About The Economical Advisory Council

The Economical Advisory Council (EAC) began its work in early February 2015 and is an ambitious initiative that brings together both significant public figures and successful actors in the private sector, thus developing a link between the two forces, aiming to define and support a complementary vision in relation to the local public administration for an economical development of the City on the Bega River. The organization would require “sustainable and harmonious growth pole of Timisoara”.

Therefore, within the General Assembly, an impressive number of over 40 representative institutions within the economical and financial sectors, from Business Clubs, Clusters, Development Agencies and Banks to Universities and Diplomatic Bodies are invited, along with the press.

This type of organization has existed and functioned in the past, but its reactivation would require a reconfigured form. The council will focus only on economical issues, not other issues such as the cultural or the social.